The Basics of Starting a Blog: Creating Your Distinct Voice


Blogging has become a popular form of both sharing information and making money. Therefore, starting a blog now has a higher level of competition and a few more challenges for the blogger. With some idea of how to get started, however, you can start a blog and really make money with it. In this edition of how to start a blog 101, we will discuss the important elements of choosing the voice for your blog.

So, you may be asking what elements are truly involved in the “voice” of the blog. The answer to that is: the word choice, the tone and the consistent elements you come to expect when you read a blog by a certain individual.

how to start a blog 101

The first step to deciding on the voice is to determine what tone you want to utilize. Are you going for a funny blog, a place for people to visit to take a minute away from the doom and gloom of the daily news? Or, are you hoping to be a very reliable resource for facts and detailed information in regard to your specified topic? These two approaches will have a very different voice. There are numerous other ways that the blog can connect with the reader, and that impacts the voice as well.

Set certain style rules for yourself. Choose words you want to use regularly and words you want to avoid. Decide whether you will use a lot of contractions, and – this is important – try to use active voice.

Next, give yourself a trial run. Write a blog post in the style you think you want to use on a regular basis. Read that post out loud, and see if it still strikes you as a manner of writing that you can stick to for the long-term.

Brush up on your grammar basics. This is important to avoid reader turnoff because you don’t stick to commonly known and accepted methods of conveying a thought. However, the flip side of this element is that blogs are meant to be conversational pieces, not formal writing assignments. You can choose to break a grammar rule or two, if you think it better fits your tone and the voice you hope to portray with the blog as a whole.

Finally, make sure you are genuinely interested in your topic. That shows through in a more genuine way than any of the above choices can. That can draw readers and encourage repeat visits in a way that creating a specific voice will never be able to do.

As you may have noted, there are a lot of decisions and some honest soul searching that need to be completed before you start a blog. As an element of How to start a blog 101, choosing the voice is pretty important. Once this item is accomplished, the rest of the blog can start to follow together in a logical manner.