Sega Dreamcast: Sega’s Last Stand


Sega lost a lot of credibility, even among its most die-hard fans, with the release of its 32X add-on for the Sega Genesis.  The 32X was simply overpriced for what it was able to do, and most people felt that it would make much more sense to buy a whole new system rather than wasting money on an add-on feature for an older console that was around the same price.  The Sega Saturn, which was released within the same year as the 32X, did get some decent sales numbers in the United States, but with the release of the Sony Playstation and later the Nintendo 64, they were quickly being run out of the market.

Sega did release one last system after the Saturn: the Sega Dreamcast, which was a 128 bit system.  Like the Genesis, 32X, and Saturn, it was the first major console release of its generation.  Sega had great success by releasing the Genesis before Nintendo could release its 16 bit console, but because of the debacle that was the 32X, it had much less success in doing this during the 32 bit era.  They decided to go the same route with the Dreamcast, and while it was initially praised by critics, Sega had already lost so much trust due to the 32X that the Dreamcast was not even really capable of competing with Sony’s Playstation or the Nintendo 64.  Because of this, it was discontinued in 2001, which was still the very beginning of the 128 bit era.

Although the Dreamcast was not very successful commercially, it is still recognized today by many people as an excellent system, and while there was not a huge library of titles for it, it’s still considered one of the greatest consoles ever.  Sega has not released another console since the Dreamcast.

Working With the Madden Mobile Glitch


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