Crunches Help You Get the Abs of Your Dreams


People who want rock solid abs can perform a number of exercises to help get them, but crunches are the exercise that has been used for generations to attain results. They’re just as popular today as ever before, despite many new methods of attaining great abs being developed. People enjoy crunches because they’re easy for perform and can be done anywhere, even when you’re on the go. If you want to get flat abs that you love to show off, you need to do crunches.

Ab Talk for All

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As mentioned, crunches have been used by generations of people who wanted to tighten and tone their abs. The workout is safe for most healthy people, although anyone with lower back pain, osteoporosis, or similar conditions shouldn’t use them. Crunches are easy to do and do not require any special training. It is indeed an exercise that anyone can do who wants to tone the muscles in their abdomen.

Although crunches do not provide the complete core workout needed to get results, it does provide a great workout and lots of benefits. It is important that you incorporate crunches into your workout regimen. Performing crunches a couple times per week will help you tighten the muscles, but can also help improve pain in the back and provide results to the obliques, the pelvis, and the transverse abdominis.

Sit-Ups or Crunches?

Many people would be inclined to say that a sit-up is more effective than crunches. Those people would be wrong. This ab muscle exercise does not work the entire abdominal area, but crunches do, providing only about a 45 degree movement that works the core without causing any stress to the back, since sit-ups can also stress the lumbar spine. If you can only do one workout, crunches should be your choice when it is beautiful, rock solid abs that you want.

Benefits of Crunches

Although we’ve talked about some of the benefits of crunches, we’ll place them all here in a list so you can understand how beneficial this exercise truly is to your workout.

·    Can be performed anywhere, even when traveling or on the go

·    No exercise equipment needed

·    Safe and easy to perform

·    Tightens the abdominal muscles

·    Helps improve/maintain good posture

·    Provides support when lifting heavy objects

·    Keeps you twisting and turning freely

·    Build Endurance

It is safe to say that you need to include crunches on your workout plan if you do not already. You can get amazing abs with something as simple as crunches added to your list of exercises. Aren’t you ready to receive all these benefits?